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Now In: SSS ONLINE Parts Search Tips

SSS Presents: Our Online Website Search Tips!
If your looking for parts on our website there are 3 or 4 ways to find the part your looking for, that is if we have it listed, there are many parts not listed, so call or email us if you dont see it!
#1 Use the search at the top left of this page, put a part number or keyword(s)
The Search feature:

Parts Search
Example: Aluminum Intake

Located at the top of the right side bar, this feature if used correctly may be the quickest and easiest way to find what you need, for example if you type (& then click go) a single word like: Panel, the search engine will find every panel listed and the groups and vehicle applications will be listed. Keep the word you choose and use to search, singular as the search feature will find all single and plural types of word parts on the site, you can even type in partial words or abbreviations for word parts to see what is there. Tip: If your looking for an Aluminum Intake or part: try typing in "Alum" this will find every word containing those letters, which would include Aluminum intakes and any other part made of Aluminum that we have available.  Words have different meanings, so if what your looking for doesn't come up, try a different word for the same part. Give it a try and you ,may even have some fun and enjoy finding stuff you didn't know we had in available!    

#2 Parts are listed by Vehicle model (From Home page):

Click on the above icons OR on the left side bar:
  Parts By Vehicle

Click on the above links and follow then follow other links provided that take you to parts group where your part would be located:

This section contains the following sub-section:     Brakes    Cab & Bodies    Chassis & Springs    Clutch    Electrical    Engines    Exhaust System    Frame & Bumper    Front & Rear Axle    Fuel Tanks    Propeller Shafts    Speedometer & Misc    Steering Gear    Transmissions    Wheels

For example: a tie rod end would be in the front axle group, a disc brake part would with the brakes section, a thermostat would be with engines group and so on. Many specialty parts are listed in these groups and may also be listed again with these special sections:  


And finally,


The site map can be used as an online catalog, this feature link is located at the very bottom of the every webpage in small print:

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Click on "Site Map" and here what you will find to help your parts search quest:

Parts Search
Example: Aluminum Intake

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